Effusion Anti Cellulite Body Massager Glove

Effusion Anti Cellulite Body Massager Glove

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Reclaim a smooth, rejuvenated skin with this special Anti-Cellulite body massager glove.

Effusion glove allows specific massages that stimulate blood circulation, helping the elimination of toxins and favour the toxins drainage. The cellulite glove has a specially designed gentle nubbed surface to cleanse, stimulate and prep your skin. With raised sections, the glove scrubs away dead skin and helps to tackle stubborn cellulite.

The Effusion Anti Cellulite Glove promotes cellular exchanges, increasing the oxygenation of the skin. Using it in the shower with anti-cellulite cream or oil boosts the cellulite reduction process while increasing the absorption of the essential oils to sculpt and contour your body for velvety skin with an improved smooth surface and youthful firmness.