Who Are Alphascience Skincare?

ALPHASCIENCE is a highly innovative French company dedicated to advanced skincare science. All the products are derived from scientist’s research on natural active ingredients.

The ALPHASCIENCE philosophy is based on the combination of 2 fundamental functions: PROTECTION provided by antioxidant serums and CORRECTION

PROTECTION against UV, pollution, smoking, stress, and alcohol, all responsible for the formation of free radicals, cofactor of premature skin aging.

ALPHASCIENCE treatments possess a CORRECTION function provided by the highly concentrated ingredients to effectively repair the skin.

ALPHASCIENCE has its own fundamental research laboratories where multidisciplinary teams (chemists, biologists, doctors and engineers) work on the anti-aging innovations of tomorrow.


Discovery of a longevity ingredient: TANNIC ACID

Tannic acid is outstanding ingredient, a polyphenol issued from nature. Tannic acid is particularly present in the bark of Sequoia to protect it from diseases, parasites and fungi.

For the first time, ALPHASCIENCE has managed to use highly concentrated tannic acid in its formulations to protect, restore and maintain the integrity of skin cells for exceptional protective results.

Stabilization of L-ASCORBIC ACID (VITAMIN C)

In its natural form, vitamin C is one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients but also the most unstable. Thanks to its control of the chemical characteristics of vitamin C, ALPHASCIENCE has developed a technology based on a unique associative complex to ensure the stabilization of highly concentrated L-ascorbic acid even at high temperature.

First vectorisation of L-GLUTAMINE

Naturally present in the human body, the L-glutamine is an important amino acid in protein synthesis, and is used in medicine to repair damaged tissues.

For the first time, Glutamic has been vectored by ALPHASCIENCE as a dipeptide which acts as a powerful collagen booster to reduce wrinkles and improve skin density. It also has an anti-glycation effect by stimulation of glycogenesis.

Neutralisation of pollutants: α-NO COMPLEX

Neutralizes the action of reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), whose harmful action is stimulated by pollutants at the cellular level for a maximum anti-ageing protective efficiency.

An action chelating of heavy metals, and complexation of the micro particles present in the pollution.

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