Dermaquest Pigment Control Kit

DermaQuest Pigment Control Kit

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Pigment Control Kit is a complete collection that works together to lift away dark spots and brighten the skin for a more uniform brilliant complexion. It comprises of 4 result-driven products crafted with the powers of melanin suppressant actives, brightening botanicals and latest illuminating ingredients such as chrome bright, shiitake mushroom, BV-OSC and Madonna lily plant stem cell that actively treat, repair and protect your skin giving noticeable results.

It helps to correct skin blemishes caused by the ageing, sun and environmental exposure while preventing further discolouration or darker pigmentation.


SkinBrite Facial Cleanser (2 fl oz / 59.1 ml)
Essential B5 Hydrating Serum (0.5 fl oz / 14.8 ml)
SkinBrite Cream (1 fl oz / 29.6 ml)
youth protection spf 30 (1 oz / 28.3 g)

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