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For Him
For Him

Refine the skin’s surface with this definitive set. Wave goodbye to shaving bumps and fine lines.


AQ Endo Test - This topical serum aims to combat naturally reduced levels of testosterone by using peptide-specific signalling technology to boost the body’s natural production of the hormone. Suitable for both male and females with low levels of testosterone.

Testosterone deficiency in men:

  • Fat gain
  • Bone mass loss
  • Depression
  • Loss of libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Muscle mass loss

Phytic Serum - Alphascience’s potent antioxidant serum, containing skin-healing Phytic Acid, is great for treating acne prone skin and tackling early signs of ageing. Neutralise pollutants, regulate skin pigmentation and benefit from a healthy, more radiant glow. It will leave your skin looking and feeling it’s very best.

Surface Cream - The Alphascience Lift & Correct Surface cream contains a medley of powerful ingredients including Tripeptide, L-Glutamine, Genistein and Hyaluronic Acid. Together, they work to boost Collagen production in the body, helping to restore your skins natural density.  Some would say it’s like Botox in a bottle!

Effusion Gym Towel 


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