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Interview with Esther Fieldgrass, Founder of OMNI Skincare

Why did you choose the name OMNI?

Omni means “all”. I wanted to produce a small smart skincare range with all the very latest ingredients. The Omni collection has everything the skin needs for a busy woman to keep her glowing and radiant. I actually produced this collection for myself - Omni is all that one needs, and is uncomplicated to use when travelling!

What is your favourite product in the OMNI skincare line and why?

Hard to say - I never leave my home without using my Age-Defying SPF 50+.

I love my AM Antioxidant Gel - it makes my skin feel so smooth and is a perfect morning pick-me-up after using “Wash” as my morning cleanser.

I love the new “Quench" and decadently use it on my body as well as my face to rehydrate myself, especially the areas I’m exposing during the summer including my décolleté, arms and legs.

What was the hardest part of the whole process when trying to launch your line?

Covid-19 delaying supplies of the key ingredients that I wanted to use.

What makes OMNI different to other skincare brands out there currently?

OMNI is a 'homage' to women. It is designed by a woman for women of a certain age who totally understands their needs. OMNI is what I wanted and needed as a busy working woman who is always pressed for time.



I designed the new “Change” cream specifically to support women during an otherwise hard-to-navigate period of their lives. My aim is to bring them comfort and confidence, and beautiful skin!!!

Why should women who go through menopause use OMNI and not something universally anti-ageing?

Because the "Change” cream was formulated for women specifically going through menopause to cool and relieve heat and inflammation in their skin, rehydrate dry skin and smooth out wrinkles. Change is a targeted range of powerful ingredients formulated for women during this period of their lives!

Any reason behind the striking packaging?

Yes, I was tired of seeing white bottles that I couldn’t easily distinguish between. I wanted something that looked pretty in my bathroom and was easy to recognise.

You say menopause is often a taboo subject, and you want to change that - do you think the world is ready for this?

Well, I think women are coming around - they’re now openly talking about HRT and bio-identical hormones skin is definitely affected during menopause and I haven’t even mentioned what we have available for dry vaginas yet!!

Why did you decide to make OMNI in the UK?

I manufacture other skincare in the US and Europe, but we have some great formulators here and I wanted to build a British cosmeceutical brand that we can be proud of. 

Are the products suitable for sensitive skin/pregnancy?

That’s a great question.

Yes, Remove, AMQuench, and Age Defying can be used on sensitive skin and during pregnancy.

With PM and Change, I would recommend doing a patch test first. If you’re not sure what’s right for you, send us an email at 

In which order should products be used to be most effective?

This is my personal regime but of course, you can alter the routine to suit your skin concerns


Cleanse using Wash, our gel cleanser - it smells fresh and allows me to use a lot of water on my skin which I like. This mild glycolic cleanser is very anti-ageing removing the dead skin cells.


Quench is next on my regime if my skin is feeling very dry because it has 5 levels of hydration, or I go straight to AM - our antioxidant and brightening gel. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love AM - it’s cool and soothing filled with active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Niacinamide and leaves my skin glowing.


Lastly, Age-Defying SPF 50+ is a fabulous SPF as it blends easily into the skin and leaves no residue. A really great sunblock for all skin types.




Cleanse using Remove cream cleanser - it's great for removing make-up and urban pollution. I usually double wash with it at night to let my skin breathe.

If the rest of my skin feels dry, I love to smooth and rehydrate it with Quench. Quench will work for up to 72 hours keeping you soft and silky smooth, and is also great on the arms and legs. 

PM is my go-to product for anti-ageing and cellular turnover, which diminishes as you get older.


Depending on how dehydrated my skin is I would apply Change which I often combine with PM, which is formulated for lifting and restoring skin vitality as well as fine lines.

Remember when applying products always go from lightest to thickest!



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Interview with Esther Fieldgrass, Founder of OMNI Skincare