Adult Acne

Adult Acne

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      Here at EF SKIN, we provide a wide variety of adult acne treatment options. With products such as our best facial cleanser for adult acne, we can show you how to fight adult acne, and reclaim the complexion you once had or have always dreamed of. See our full list of the best products for adult acne treatments below and find the perfect answer to your skincare problems.

      Adult Acne Causes

      Although many of us are accustomed to the idea of acne as a teenager, there are numerous adult acne causes that result in blemished skin at a later stage in life. Also known as “post-adolescent acne”, adult acne occurs after the age of 25, with more or less the same symptoms experienced in adolescent years. The factors that directly contribute to adult acne include:

      • Excess oil production
      • Pores becoming clogged by skin cells
      • Bacteria within the skin
      • Inflammation of the skin

      By using appropriate adult acne skin care, you will be able to find adequate adult acne treatment.

      Adult Acne Treatment

      Figuring out how to fight adult acne doesn’t need to be difficult. We provide a wide range of adult acne skin care products so you can prevent breakouts, while also combatting adult acne flare ups.

      At EF SKIN, we provide the following products from some of the best cosmetic brands, so you are able to prevent adult acne causes:


      Adult acne skin care products from Cosmedix are some of the best adult acne treatments you can get your hands on.  From luxury acne erasing clarify serums for anti-redness and skin recovery, to face masks containing activated charcoal or exfoliating enzymes, products from Cosmedix are a sure fire way to combat adult acne causes.


      Adult acne treatment from Alphascience is an excellent adult acne akin care option to reduce the appearance on your skin. The Duo Booster and Phytic serum package is a supercharged and plumping moisture concentrate. Filled to the brim with nourishing and hydrating properties such as hyaluronic acid and silicium.


      From the best facial cleanser for adult acne to the specialised Dermaquest acne control kit, this solution is tailor made to combat adult acne. From pads to wipe and sooth your skin, to retinol brightening serums, you will be saying goodbye to your adult acne in no time with the best facial cleansers for adult acne treatment that money can buy.

      Adult Acne Prevention

      Adult acne causes aren’t always entirely obvious, and like many things in life, are often out of your control. Certain preventative measures can be undertaken to help avoid breakouts. These can include:

      Adult Acne Causes FAQs

      What Causes Adult Acne?

      As aforementioned, adult acne can occur at any point after the age of 25. This can be due to poor diet, excess oil on the skin or using products with cheap, damaging ingredients. Always check the label and read the ingredients of any product you use. All EF SKIN products clearly state the ingredients list on the back of each package.

      Does Stress Cause Acne in Adults?

      Some evidence has shown that there is a link between stress and adult acne. As adult acne wears down the skin, the best form of age prevention for your skin is to use appropriate adult acne skin care products with natural, soothing ingredients.