AQ Skin Solutions' formula of anti-inflammatory cytokines, interleukins and growth factors.

AQ Skin Solutions

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      AQ Skin Solutions are an award-winning skincare brand who focus on growth technology. Their range of AQ skin solutions products encourage the natural growth and preservation of skin cells to help maintain the condition of your skin for years to come.

      The AQ Skin Solutions "GF Technology" actually originated from wound healing and cell regeneration therapy in 3rd-degree burn victims. Over the years, medical research proved that correctly formulated GF technology can seamlessly slow the ageing process, fade scars, and boost the body’s natural repair process including skin, hair follicles and vaginal walls. AQ Skin Solutions in the UK are the leading brand for GF Technology as they consistently find new AQ Skin methods to maximise GF for the best penetration and effectiveness.

      The Power of AQ Skin

      Over time, the condition of our skin naturally deteriorates due to many external factors such as UV from the sunlight, our dietary habits, and our skincare routines. As the body ages, the skin loses elasticity due to the lack of collagen which in turn produces wrinkles and on top of other factors, can cause common skin concerns such as dryness, pigmentation and fine lines.

      AQ Skin Solutions products offer professional skincare that utilises advanced technology and the latest innovations to offer you premium skincare to address your personal skin concerns. The unique pharmaceutical-level skincare products are carefully developed from scientific research to provide you with the best possible results you will struggle to beat elsewhere.

      AQ Skin Solutions Products – Active Serum

      The AQ Skin range has expertly designed active serum to tackle issues on mature skin to restore the youthful glow you’ve been losing and leave you radiating confidence. Reducing fine lines, diminishing any marking, and repairing damage, the AQ Skin Solutions in the UK active serum is filled with fibroblast growth factors to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

      Being one of the best sellers in the range, the AQ Skin serums use clinically produced growth factors which act as a great supplement in your skincare routine to bring back the youthful condition you’ve longed for. The AQ Skin Solutions active serum is a daily topical serum which works to enhance your body’s natural defence system and aid the natural production of collagen to improve the appearance of the skin. AQ Skin Solutions products make an easy addition to your daily skincare routine as they require only a small pump of the AQ Skin serum which can be applied to your skin and rinsed away with no tools needed or complex step-by-step processes. For an added pampering treatment in-between use of your AQ Skin serum, the AQ Skin Solutions intensive moisturising repair mask is a popular choice for its hydrating and deeply nourishing properties which increase cell and blood vessel production.

      Try AQ Skin solutions in the UK today for yourself; we offer free delivery across the UK on all orders of £100 or above. We are also always on hand to contact if you have any enquiries about any AQ Skin Solutions products.