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      EF SKIN serums are one of the most important products you can integrate into your skin care regime. With multiple active ingredients working in unison to get deeper into the skin, you can target specific concerns you have with your skin, helping you to look and feel revitalised and youthful.

      What Is Skin Serum?

      Skin serum comes in many forms. From the best anti aging serum, face serum for dry skin, to skin brightening serum, the list goes on. At EF SKIN, we only provide the best skin serum there is, allowing you to get the most out of all products you purchase with us.

      • Skin serums are skincare products that are designed to deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients to the skin.
      • There are many different applications for skin serum, from skin brightening serums to serum for oily skin, the best skin serum for each person will differ depending on your unique skin requirements.
      • Our skin serums are often able to hydrate more effectively than heavier creams or moisturisers, with a higher density of skin enhancing components within each drop. The molecules of skin serum can penetrate the skin, hydrating you on the deepest level.

      Skin Serum Benefits

      Unlike heavier creams, skin serum can bury deep into your skin, rather than simply sitting on the surface. Hydrating skin serums don’t have to replace your moisturiser, but instead work in tandem to compliment it, boosting the hydrating effects.

      The skin serum we provide at EF SKIN has multiple benefits, and we offer a wide selection of products for you to choose from. Some of the main applications that EF SKIN serum is proven to be beneficial for include:

      How To Use Skin Serum

      With such a wide variety of skin serum options available, how you use each product will differ. See each of our individual products to find out how you should apply them. The amount of skin serum and how often you use it will depend on the serum itself and the current state of your skin.

      Enhancing your skincare routine with skin serum has a long-lasting impact, but it’s important not to neglect the other aspects of skincare along the way. We would recommend the following other products when it comes to your skincare routine:

      • Cleanser: It is important to cleanse your complexion before using skin serum. This should be the first step in your daily routine to remove excess oils, dirt, and any other impurities in your skin.
      • Skin Serum: Whether it is the best anti aging serum, serum for dry skin or serum for oily skin, applying a layer of one of our luxury skin serum products, will enhance your complexion and work deep into the layers of your skin.
      • Moisturiser: Be sure to choose a moisturiser that suits you for this final stage, so you can make the most out of all the products you purchase from EF SKIN.

      Skin Serum FAQs

      Can I Use Skin Serum Daily?

      All of our skin serums are safe to be applied twice a day. Once in the morning on a freshly cleansed face, and once at night before bed. We recommend you read all of our product descriptions before using any skin serums, and always perform a patch test beforehand.

      How Do I Find The Best Serum For Me?

      All of our products are highly reputable, clinically tested and have a clear ingredient list. There are various reasons you may require skin serum.

      • Serum for oily skin: Serum for oily skin should contain salicylic acid and/or glycolic acid. Our Cosmedix Clarity Anti-blemish Serum and Dermaclear Serum from Dermatex are perfect for counteracting oily skin.
      • Serum for dry skin: Dry complexions require serum formulas that incorporate hydrating proteins such as hyaluronic acid that attract water to the skin. Trio Therapeutic Skincare morning and evening serums are perfect for getting your skin the moisture it requires.
      • Anti aging serum: Whether it is for aging, dull, or combination skin, ensuring you get enough Vitamin C in your skincare routine is essential to counteract dullness and aging. Revitalise your complexion and ensure you are fresh faced, all year, every year.

      See our full product list, including all the vital ingredients, to find the best skin serum solution for your requirements.