Face Exfoliators & Exfoliating Scrubs

Face Exfoliators & Exfoliating Scrubs

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      Face exfoliators and exfoliating scrubs from EF SKIN are the perfect addition to your skincare routine, providing a wide range of the best luxury body scrubs, face scrubs and face exfoliators. Browse our selection, so you can improve the quality of your skin, enhance your appearance and glow like never before. 

      What is an Exfoliator?

      Face exfoliators allow you to remove old skin cells from the surface of your skin, cleaning and cleansing the pores and unclogging any impurities within. By reviving your skin, you can soften the outer surface and stimulate the regrowth of skin cells. As the name states, face exfoliator is a skincare care product that exfoliates the skin, and can reward you with the following benefits:

      • Softening of the skin.
      • Lightening of acne scars.
      • Improvement in skin texture.

      Face exfoliator such as our exfoliating prep and deep cleansing oil from CosMedix are ideal for age prevention and oily skin while our cleansing face exfoliator from Dermaquest will help you combat adult acne, allowing your skin to look rejuvenated, clear, and healthier than ever before. 

      Luxury body scrub and face scrub is also a form of exfoliation, and the scrubs we offer have exfoliating benefits. Even so, there is a distinct difference between the varying exfoliating scrub products we have available.

      What is a Scrub?

      An exfoliating scrub is a cream-based skincare product, such as our charcoal face masks, containing tiny exfoliating particles. By massaging it across the skin, you can smooth the skin by removing dry, dead skin cells. This is also applicable with the various body scrub products we have to offer such as our once a day luxury body scrub from Effusion, although you should choose carefully and take your skin type into consideration. If you are an individual with particularly sensitive skin, dry skin, or acne, a luxury face scrub for sensitive skin such as our CosMedix Pure Enzyme exfoliating mask would be better suited for you. 

      An exfoliating scrub is a great addition to your cleansing and toning routine, before finishing with a moisturiser that suits your skin type. The benefits include:

      • Deeply cleansed skin.
      • Removal of blackheads.
      • A toned face due to the reactivation of your skin’s microcirculation.

      Bear in mind that you should apply exfoliating scrubs to slightly damp skin, before massaging it in a small circular motion for about a minute. Pressing too hard can cause irritation if you aren’t careful, even when using a face scrub for sensitive skin.

      Face Exfoliator and Face Scrub FAQs

      What Is The Best Exfoliating Scrub?

      The best exfoliating scrub for each individual will differ. It completely depends upon your skin type, age, and skin tone, amongst a whole range of other factors. By browsing our selection of best selling luxury skin products, you can find a full list of ingredients used within each product to ensure that you are using the right exfoliating scrub for you, along with all of our other products we have to offer.

      How Do I Use Exfoliating Scrub On The Face?

      By taking a small amount and rubbing it in a small circular motions onto your damp skin, you can highly benefit from using our exfoliating scrubs. It is important that you always apply a small amount in the form of a patch test before proceeding with a full facial routine, to ensure you do not have any form of adverse reaction to our products, rare as it may be.

      Are Scrub And Exfoliator The Same?

      The main difference between scrub and exfoliator is that scrub is a cream-based skincare product that contains tiny exfoliating particles while an exfoliator is a mechanical or chemical agent you apply to the skin to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin. Exfoliating scrub removes dirt physically, while exfoliator nourishes and stimulates skin cell growth.

      Can You Exfoliate Without A Scrub?

      Yes, absolutely. If you have highly sensitive skin and would prefer not to use a scrub, it is entirely possible to simply use a face exfoliator alone This goes both ways, allowing you to decide upon your skin routine the way that best suits you and your personal skin requirements.

      See our full product list, including all the vital ingredients, to find the best skin exfoliator or exfoliating scrub for your personal needs.