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Luxury Sunscreen

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      OMNI Age-Defying - Lightweight Shield SPF50+ 50ml
      Mesoestetic Melan 130+ Pigment Control SPF 50ml
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      CosMedix Peptide Rich Defence Sunscreen SPF50 - 50ml
      DermaQuest SheerZinc SPF 30 - 56.7g
      Mesoprotech Antiaging Facial Sun Mist 60ml
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      Omni by Esther Sunshine Block SPF 50+ (50 ml)
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      Mesoprotech Sun Protective Repairing Stick 4.5g
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      CosMedix Hydrate+ - SPF17 Daily Moisturiser 60 ml
      Mesoprotech Mineral Matt Antiaging Fluid 50ml
      Mesoprotech Antiaging Body Sun Mist 200ml
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      DermaQuest SunArmor SPF 50 56.7g
      Mesoestetic Moisturising Sun Protection SPF50+ - 50ml
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      Aptosol SunScreen SPF - 45g
      Tancream Self Tanning, Bronzer, All in One Moisturizer SPF50
      DermaQuest Youth Protection SPF30
      Skinmade Protect & Care Sun Oil SPF50 30ml

      When it comes to taking care of your skin, prevention is always better than cure, particularly with sun damage. While we all understand the importance of applying sunscreen during a hot holiday, applying SPF is something that we should incorporate into our everyday lives, not only to avoid sun burn, but also to protect the deeper layers of the skin. Stock up on luxury sunscreen for your face with our collection at EF Skin.

      Why You Should Wear Luxury Sunscreen Every Day

      As time draws on, sun damage can take a toll on the skin, both aesthetically and medically. UV light damages both the top layer of skin and the underlying tissues, leading to quicker development of wrinkles and lines. It is also widely known that sun exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer. This means that you should aim to protect your skin from the sun as much as possible, both from the immediately apparent sunburn and the deeply penetrating damage.

      Along with covering your skin and seeking shade, luxury sunscreen is also one of the best ways to protect your skin. The UV index of any given day cannot be measured by temperature, and UV radiation is present all year round, even in winter, so luxury sunscreen for your face should be incorporated into your routine for everyday wear, alongside your regular cleansers and moisturisers.

      How Does Sunscreen Protect You?

      The best luxury sunscreen works by preventing UV rays from penetrating the skin, reducing the risk of sunburn, sun spots, discolouration, premature aging, and skin cancer. However, it’s key to remember that the thin veil of SPF does not guarantee 100% protection from the sun and you will need to reapply later in the day to continue blocking the UV rays. You should still shelter your skin as much as possible to maintain its health and appearance, and to future-proof your wellbeing.

      When Should I Apply Luxury Sun Cream?

      Ideally, you should apply luxury sun cream to the skin before exposing yourself to the sun, allowing yourself at least 20 minutes so that it can be fully absorbed. The duration of the sunscreen depends on the SPF, so for instance, an SPF 30 product will prevent skin reddening for 30 times longer than without. If it normally takes 10 minutes for you to burn, you may be comfortable for up to 5 hours, but we would still recommend topping up, depending on your skin type. It is never a bad idea to add more luxury sunscreen if you feel yourself burning.

      How To Choose The Best Luxury Sunscreen For You

      At EF Skin, we offer a range of the best luxury sunscreen brands, including Mesoestetic and Omni By Esther, so you can be sure that you are browsing the highest quality products. However, you should take some steps to make sure you choose the ideal luxury sun cream for your needs.

      Check The Label

      When looking for a luxury sunscreen for your face, you should use one that is labelled as broad-spectrum with an SPF of at least 30. This means the product should protect against UVA rays that cause aging and possible melanoma, and UVB rays.

      Mineral Or Chemical Sunscreen?

      Mineral sunscreens contain zinc oxide and form a protective seal over the surface of the skin. They tend to be a bit chalkier and leave a white tinge on the skin, which allows you to see where you have applied. Chemical sunscreens contain compounds that absorb UV light and prevent it from penetrating into the skin. They absorb fully, but they may cause irritation on sensitive skin. Many experts will recommend you choose a mineral sunscreen, but the choice depends on you and your skin.

      Check For Water Resistance

      Water resistant sunscreen is a smart option for daily use, particularly on warm or humid days. Sun creams are only allowed to be labelled as water resistant if they have been proven to remain effective in water for either 40 or 80 minutes. Even if you aren’t planning on swimming, this type of luxury sunscreen is a good choice.

      Overall, the most important thing to remember when choosing the best luxury sunscreen for you is that sunscreen by itself isn’t enough. You should wear suitable clothing, sunglasses and a hat to minimise exposure. Try to avoid peak midday sun and try to stay in the shade as much as possible.

      Ready to upgrade your skincare routine? Browse our full collection of luxury sun creams or shop our full skincare range online.

      Luxury Sunscreen FAQs

      How long does sunscreen last?

      While there may not be an exact expiration date on your sunscreen bottle or tub, it definitely doesn’t last forever. It all depends on the conditions you store it in, so if you keep your luxury sunscreen away from direct sunlight and high temperatures, it should keep well for three years.

      Can I wear sunscreen and still get a tan?

      One of the most common reasons we spend time in the sun is to catch a bit of colour. While lowering your SPF may seem like the best method to improving your tan while staying safe, we recommend that you don’t use a sunscreen with a protection lower than 15. If you’re spending long enough in the sun, a tan is practically ensured, but make sure you follow it up with proper after sun care. You should also never use a product with SPF 5 as it offers basically no protection at all, and your safety should come first.