Home Protocols for Award-Worthy Skin with Alphascience

As the UK enters its seventh week of Lockdown, our skin starts to appreciate the absence of certain pollutants and harsh conditions.

As the sole UK retailer of Alphascience, we decided to team up with them to provide a few home regenerative protocols that heal, nourish and enhance your skin. Their extensive collection boasts an assortment of unique skincare products, all of which help different skin concerns thanks to the high percentage of active ingredients.

What Serum is right for you?
Firstly, we have to find the right serum for your skin, this will help combat skin concern such as wrinkles, dull complexion, brown spots, pigmentation and sagging skin as well as what’s best for your dry or oily skin type.

For dry skin use the world’s first-ever Tannic Acid serum, Alphascience Tannic [CF] Anti-Aging Serum. This serum features a high concentration of Vitamin C and reparative ingredients including L-Ascorbic Acid, Tannic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Ginko Biloba.

For oily skin, use Alphascience Phytic [TC] Rejuvenate & Glow Serum. Often described as the ultimate skin-healing serum, this treatment effortlessly reduces the appearance of acne and tackles early signs of ageing thanks to the powerful natural antioxidant, Phytic Acid.

Alphascience Alpha Bright Pigment Correcting Serum is ideal for combination skin that suffers from both dry and oily areas. It will effortlessly banish unwanted spots and flush out free radicals thanks to its powerful combination of Vitamin C, Ascorbic acid and Phytic acid.


Alphascience Tannic - Anti-Aging Serum



Alphascience Phytic - Rejuvenate & Glow Serum



Alphascience Alpha - Bright Pigment Correcting Serum


How to make your skin glow

Since we’re spending a lot more time at home, there has never been a better period to pamper our skin and achieve the glow we have always wanted.

Start by cleansing your skin and apply your chosen serum three to four times a day. Application is simple, put a few drops your hands and massage gently onto your face, neck, décolleté and hands. Ensure you use a moisturising cream twice a day to avoid drying out your skin.

Home remedy for firming your skin

Sagging skin is a problem many of us face during our lifetime. Even if you’re not experiencing sagging skin now, it’s the best time to combat it as discussed on this week’s EF MEDISPA’s blog post.

A quick and easy way to firm your skin is with the combination of Alphascience Ultra Deep Firm & Restore Cream and your Alphascience serum of choice. To achieve your firming goal, simply apply a few drops of your serum and put the Ultra Deep cream on top of it every morning and evening for one month.

How to regenerate your skin at home

Your skin naturally regenerates itself every 27 days and over time it will change, for better or for worse it’s a good idea to regenerate it.

To enhance the regeneration process, apply a few drops of your Alphascience serum of choice on your hands and massage gently onto your face, neck, décolleté and hands then apply some Alphascience Lift & Correct Surface [CR] Cream. Follow this process twice a day and you will shortly see results.

Home remedy for enriching the skin on your hands

During lockdown your hands are probably engaging in the most combat, whether you’re redecorating your house, taking up knitting or even walking the dogs, your hands experience the full effect of weathering.

To enrich the skin on your hands, you should use Alphascience Ultra Deep Firm & Restore Cream on top of our Alphascience serum of choice twice a day.


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