How Testosterone Can Improve Your Physical & Mental Wellbeing with Endo-Test

Throughout our lives, we have dips and increases in the amount of testosterone our body harvests, these changes can severely affect our mental and physical wellbeing.

More so, our levels of testosterone can naturally drop as we get older, leading to a plethora of potential issues that we can face.

On this week’s EF Skin blog post, we will look at the ways that AQ Skin Solutions Endo-Test serum can give both men and women the boost in testosterone they require as well as how they can counter some of the concerns caused by this deficiency.

How Does Testosterone Help?

Testosterone is vital for our mental and physical wellbeing as it regulates an array of processes in our bodies. Although it is frequently referred to as a male hormone, testosterone is also prevalent in female bodies too and affects them in similar ways as men.

Testosterone stabilises sex drive, bone mass, fat distribution, muscle size and your red blood production. It is also a key part of regulating sperm production in men and can help regulate premenstrual symptoms (PMS) in women.

But what are the specifics of testosterone deficiency and how can this make your day to day life harder? Below we outline all the symptoms of testosterone deficiency and how it can affect both men and women.

How Does Endo-Test Help Men?

Without an adequate amount of testosterone, men can become infertile, gain weight, experience a loss in bone mass, lose their libido, experience erectile dysfunctions and even mental concerns such as depression.

How Does Endo-Test Help Men?

When deficient in testosterone, you may gain weight from an increase in fat – this isn’t regularly linked but is a major factor in insufficient testosterone. Fat gain can occur as testosterone naturally helps in depleting calories and having a good amount of the hormone can be pivotal for ensuring your body weight is kept to the level you desire.

Men can also face a loss of bone mass when their testosterone levels decrease, this increases your likelihood of bone fracture should you hurt your bones.

Unsurprisingly, as we get older, we all lose our libido in some form or another. If you have a paucity in testosterone, you may experience this at a much higher level, and you may even attain erectile dysfunction in some form. As you age, may also experience a loss of muscle mass at a greater level.

Over-time, the build-up of one or many of these concerns can lead to a generally low mood and depression, that can affect your everyday life and have terrible consequences over time.

Endo-Test serum by AQ Skin Solutions aims to combat this array of concerns by elevating the amount of testosterone to a natural level.

How Does Endo-Test Help Women?

For women, a low level of testosterone can be pivotal to how you feel physically and mentally and as a deficiency can cause a handful of unique concerns.

How Does Endo-Test Help Women?

These concerns include fatigue and low mood which may be prevalent for very long periods of time, this may affect your productivity and relationships.

A generally unknown effect of achieving natural levels of testosterone in women is allowing for a decreased level of premenstrual symptoms (PMS) where a slight increase of testosterone can go a long way.

Just like men, women may also get a decreased sex drive when they’re deficient in testosterone. You may also get a slowdown or speed up of your metabolism from the disruption of thyroid hormones.

The use of a topical serum such as Endo-Test uses its unique peptide-specific signalling technology to boost the body’s natural production of the hormone and thus diminish most or all of the outlined concerns for women above.

Why Endo-Test?

Endo-Test is the first testosterone hormone rebalancing serum of its kind and was specifically formulated by one of our most popular and trusted brands, AQ Skin Solutions.

Crafted by Dr Al-Qahtani, a professor, scientist and immunologist, Endo-Test works by seamlessly activating the proteins in the body which are responsible for producing the testosterone hormone.

Endo-Test is available in two quantities, as a standalone product or you can buy as a set of three and save £50 online at EF Skin.

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Endo-Test by AQ Therapeutics

Endo-Test by AQ Therapeutics

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