How to Stop Premature Ageing Whilst Building a Radiant Complexion

Throughout our lives, we’ve all taken in our fair share of sunshine and aimed for a year-round tan. But what we tend to forget is the impact this can have on our skin – producing pigmentation, sun damage and wrinkles appearing prematurely.

Most of us see the damage being caused and start to explore different products from an assortment of brands. Unfortunately, these products usually result in your skin feeling dry and tight, which is especially evident after cleansing.

A product that is well-known to release the skin from their tight shackles is Cosmedix Serum 16 Retinol Complex, and here’s why.


It can be used at any age

Most people will wait until the last minute to invest in a good retinol product, but in reality, you can achieve a healthy glow at any age.

Retinol is now seen as the key ingredient with Cosmedix Serum 16 Retinol Complex especially known as a prescription-strength variant. This Retinol Complex contains 16% LG-Retinex complex, a proprietary blend of Retinol, Retinaldehyde and Glycosaminoglycans.


CosMedix Serum 16 Retinol Complex before and after


Celebrities give the thumbs up


Last Summer, Victoria Beckham gave the rundown for her intensive skincare regime. Well known for previously suffering from skin problems, Victoria now uses CosMedix products in her morning and evening skincare routines.

When she wakes up, she uses CosMedix Purity Solution Deep Cleansing Oil to easily clean and purify her skin whilst also removing dirt, makeup and impurities. After this, she cleanses with Cosmedix Purity Clean Exfoliating Cleanser, an exfoliating cleanser formulated with peppermint essential oil to cool skin and accelerate circulation.

After a long day of exercise, she applies Cosmedix Serum 16 Retinol Complex. A breakthrough serum that visibly reduces the appearance of sun damage, age spots and deep lines, including crow's feet.

On the other side of the pond, Kim Kardashian also approves of CosMedix Serum 16, boasting about the high concentrates of active ingredients and how quickly results appear. 


Follow the advice from experts

Stay in the loop with the skincare industry, there are regularly breakthroughs and in a recent “The Beauty Biz” podcast, EF Medispa founder Esther Fieldgrass talks all things skincare with Medico beauty Director Aysha Awwad. Together, they take a deep dive into the world of advanced skincare.

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