Introducing TRIO Therapeutic Skincare for Cancer Patients – An EF Skin Exclusive

EF Skin is proud to introduce and launch TRIO Therapeutic Skincare, which was conceived and produced with help from the NHS.

This week on the EF Skin blog we take a deep dive into just what the TRIO Therapeutic Skincare collection is, what it offers and who it’s for. 

Designed to Help Cancer Patients

There’s a big understanding that cancer patients experience some of the most uncomfortable skin concerns yet there aren’t any specific products crafted for these concerns.


TRIO Therapeutic Skincare was created specifically for those who need a natural yet luxury range of beauty products that are safe and beneficial for women going through cancer treatment; such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.


Made with Help From the NHS 

TRIO Therapeutic Skincare has a long-lasting relationship with the NHS and it resolves a very hard range of skin concerns that requires expert advice.

100% Organic

Organically Crafted in the UK

The TRIO Therapeutic Skincare collection was conceived and created in the UK. There are so many factors at play when creating skincare products for cancer patients, with ingredients such as Oestrogens being the biggest red flag.


Women with cancer are always advised to avoid plant oestrogens, such as Phyto-oestrogens, as many female cancers are oestrogen positive. This means that oestrogen will feed those cancers and encourage them to grow – many skincare products, such as anti-ageing products, include oestrogens. Trio Therapeutic Skincare does not contain any plant oestrogens, this is one of the biggest differences between this collection and other natural skincare brands.


Made for All Skin Types & Stages of Cancer

Extra Sensitive Collection

The Extra Sensitive collection was crafted for cancer patients going through chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy with very sensitive skin reactions. As well as being 100% natural, organic and proven to benefit cancer patients, the Extra Sensitive collection is also fragrance-free – this is particularly important as cancer patients are very sensitive to smell.

Extra Sensitive Collection

The Extra Sensitive Collection is also suitable for ‘chemo skin’, making the skin dry, sore, sensitive, itchy and nails can become flaky and split. On top of this, the Extra Sensitive Collection is also free from water in the balms and oils, free from antioxidants, features no essential oils and is BPA free.


Trio Therapeutic Skincare
Trio Therapeutic Skincare

Nourishing Foot Balm for Severely Dry and Cracked feet

Super Serum One Drop Rejuvenating & Anti-Ageing

Cleansing & Nourishing Balm


Sensitive Collection

The Trio Therapeutic Skincare Sensitive collection was crafted for post-cancer patients when their skin is less sensitive or those who are still getting treatment but are experiencing less-severe skin-related side effects. A side-effect of cancer treatment is the appearance of dry, flaky and wrinkled skin – the Sensitive Collection aims to combat this and ageing with a unique blend of ingredients and essential oils specifically formulated for these skin concerns.


Each product was crafted to complement each other, and it features ingredients such as nourishing mango and shea butter which are added to moisturise and soothe the skin. The essential oils frankincense, lavender and mandarin, that have long been associated with anti-ageing, provide a comforting and uplifting fragrance. Benzoin, ylang-ylang and patchouli are grounding and balancing.


Morning Uplifting Serum
Morning Multitasking Balm

Morning Uplifting Serum

Morning Multitasking Balm

Hydrating & Rejuvenating Facial Mist



Balanced Collection

The Trio Therapeutic Skincare Balanced Collection was primarily crafted to bring balance, harmony and relaxation to those going through cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy.


Unlike the Extra Sensitive and Sensitive collections, the Balanced Collection draws on the remedial qualities of essential oils. This blend of essential oils has been specifically chosen for their calming and mood-boosting properties as well as their enchanting fragrance and 100% natural and organic ingredients.


Essential Organic Cleansing Oil
Essential Organic Moisturiser Repair & Revive

Essential Organic Cleansing Oil

Essential Organic Moisturiser Repair & Revive

Essential Hydrating Facial Spritz

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