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      When you are living with cancer, skin care becomes intrinsic to your quality of life. Many treatments and therapies can change the quality and condition of your skin, leading to issues such as irritation, dryness, sensitivity, rashes and discolouration. Focusing on skin care after chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery can help combat these issues and restore the natural balance of your skin. Our Trio therapeutic chemotherapy skin care products have been specially formulated by cancer skin care specialists to soothe and heal your skin, helping you look and feel your best during your treatment.

      We have developed the Trio botanical skin care products for cancer patients in the UK to be free from added chemicals, parabens and oestrogens. The range is suitable for all skin types, with ingredients known to be effective in helping with the challenging physical and emotional conditions common to those affected by cancer treatment. The luxurious cancer skin care range includes formulations for the face, body, hands, nails and feet, all of which contain mood-boosting and skin-healing essential oils and organic ingredients. These chemotherapy skin care products are made in the UK. Beautifully packaged, they make the ideal pick me up for a loved one undergoing treatment.

      Balanced Collection

      Our Balanced Collection of post-surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy skin care products promotes serenity with mood-boosting blends of delightfully scented organic essential oils. Drawing on the remedial properties of essential oils, the Cleansing Oil, Repair and Revive Moisturiser and Hydrating Facial Spritz bring balance, harmony and relaxation to your post cancer skin care regimen.

      Sensitive Collection

      For those experiencing mild to moderate skin issues as a result of their treatment, our Sensitive Collection is deeply nourishing and healing. Ideal as skin care after chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, the products offer anti-ageing properties to combat the effects of treatment on the skin. This extensive range of cancer skin care products includes balms and serums for the morning and evening as well as the Hydrating and Rejuvenating Face Mist to use throughout the day.

      Extra Sensitive Collection

      Our Extra Sensitive Collection has been developed by cancer skin care specialists to be suitable for use during treatment, as well as for those who experience ongoing skin issues after treatment has ended. The radiotherapy and chemotherapy skin care products are fragrance free and contains no antioxidants or essential oils that could potentially interact with treatments. The luxurious range includes products for the face, hands, nails and feet, with the Deeply Calming Oil for Itchy Skin being especially loved for its ability to combat one of the most aggressive and irritating side-effects of cancer treatments.

      These skin care products for cancer patients in the UK are suitable for all skin types, but if you experience any adverse reactions please discontinue using them. Your medical team will advise you on general skin care during chemotherapy, and you should consult them before introducing essential oils or antioxidants to your cancer skin care regimen, as these may interact with your treatment.