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Luxury Face Creams and Moisturisers

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      Moisturisers are a core product that you will find in almost every bathroom or dressing table. As such an essential part of any skincare routine, finding the best quality moisturiser to meet your skin’s specific needs will result in you having happier, healthier skin.

      What Is A Luxury Moisturiser?

      A moisturiser is the overall name for a wide range of hydrating products including creams, balms, and lotions.  Moisturisers can be specifically formulated for different areas of the body, from luxury face creams and eye creams to full body moisturisers and balms.

      What Does A Moisturiser Do?

      A moisturiser is designed to retain and/or restore moisture of the skin. Moisturised skin will be softer and appear smoother. A luxury moisturiser will also be made with special active ingredients, such as antioxidants or natural oils, which each have various scientific benefits for skin.

      These benefits include:

      • firmer skin
      • brighter skin
      • reduced redness
      • reduced wrinkles
      • protection from environmental skin damage
      • and many, many more

      Dehydrated skin is more prone to infection, wrinkles, inflammation, and ageing. Cold weather, hot showers, and pollution can all contribute to dehydration. Therefore, a moisturiser is essential for the health and hydration of your skin, making you glow from within.

      What Are The Benefits Of Luxury Skincare Brands?

      EF SKIN is dedicated to working with luxury skincare brands who use cutting edge, skincare science in developing moisturisers that benefit your specific skin type. Therefore, we go far beyond the usual dry, oily, combination categories.

      For example, if you need a moisturiser for menopausal skin, take a look at our Alphascience Ultra Deep Firm and Restore Cream which contains stem cells and proteins to regenerate skin tissues and prevent sagging.

      If you are worried about pigmentation and need a moisturiser to diminish dark spots, try our DermaQuest Skinbrite Cream with its liquorice root and antioxidants.

      If you have fine lines and wrinkles, you will love our AQ Skin Solutions range. This pharmaceutical-level luxury skincare brand uses advanced technology to tackle the loss of elasticity, pigmentation and fine lines associate with aging skin.

      Whichever skin type you have, it can be difficult to find the best skincare that caters for those with more sensitive skin. For the perfect moisturiser for sensitive skin, explore our Trio Therapeutic Skincare collection. Its organic ingredients are 100% natural and formulated to care for your extra sensitive skin.

      Whatever your skin needs, our scientifically proven, luxury skincare ranges can help.

      Cream and Moisturisers FAQS

      What Is The Best Luxury Moisturiser For Me?

      Your skin deserves the best care, and understanding your skin’s needs is the first step to finding the best luxury moisturiser for you. After washing your face with a gentle cleanser, wait 20-30 minutes to see how your skin feels without any further products. Does your skin feel oily? Tight? Look dull? Observation is the key to understanding which skin type you have, and which moisturiser is best.

      For example, if you suffer from tight or flaky skin, you need a moisturiser for dry skin. We recommend the ultra-moisturising formulation of Mesoesthetic Hydra Vital Factor K which replenishes the skin and prevents trans-epidermal water loss to keep your skin hydrated for 24 hours.

      You can then explore our luxury skincare brands to find the right moisturisers for the skin concerns you have noticed. With leading luxury skincare ranges from innovative brands such as Mesoestetic and DermaQuest, you are sure to find the best moisturiser for you.

      When Should You Apply Moisturiser?

      Moisturiser should be applied each morning and evening after cleansing. If you use a serum or toner these should be applied before your moisturiser. If you add SPF, this should be applied after your moisturiser. A premium SPF sun cream that we recommend is Dermaquest Sheer Zinc SPF 30 Tinted.

      Some products are multi-purpose, such as our Morning Multitasking Balm from Trio Therapeutic Skincare, ideal if you are on the go with your skincare routine.

      I Have Oily Skin, Do I Need A Luxury Moisturiser?

      We are often asked if you need a moisturiser for oily skin. The answer is yes. Hydration and oil are not the same. Skin hydration refers to the water content in the layers of the skin which supports its elasticity, resilience, and plumpness. Any treatments which strip away oil will also strip away hydration. Dehydration may even be the cause of breakouts. A luxury face cream developed specifically for oily skin, such as the Cosmedix Shineless Oil-free Moisturiser, can reduce shine, increase health, and reduce appearance of blemishes.

      Which Is The Best Body Moisturiser?

      The skin is actually the body’s largest organ. So, while you may often focus on the moisturising of your face, as it’s what you show to the world every day, it’s important to moisturise the rest of your skin too. Try the luxurious Dermaquest GlycoBrite which is a specialised moisturiser for the hands and body providing skin saturation and incredible benefits for you skin such as promoting healthy cell revitalisation and treating photo-damaged skin. If cellulite is a concern, the Effusion Twice a Day Active Cellulite Cream will effectively target stubborn dimpled skin.

      If you need help finding the best luxury moisturiser for your skin, our expert advisory service can provide you with bespoke skincare advice.