DermaClear Pads - 85g

DermaClear Pads - 85g

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Clarify skin with DermaClear Pads; an easy-to-use luxe treatment that can be used daily to deeply purify, helping to control excess oil and eliminate blackheads. The pads promote a clearer complexion without causing dryness.

The ultra-soft cotton cleansing pads have been saturated in glycolic acid and salicylic acid which work to exfoliate the skin effectively, unclogging pores and dissolving dead skin to help rebalance sebum and combat breakouts.

The addition of essential oils soothes inflammation whilst glycerine provides essential hydration and contributions to the skin's natural barrier function. The pads infused with a light limonene scent are ideal for large surface areas, including the neck and shoulders. 

Banish your breakouts, ingrown hairs and temper acne with our cooling, exfoliating pads.