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      Spectacle Performance Skincare is an environmental-friendly brand dedicated to meeting your skin’s needs in the most sustainable manner. Working alongside like-minded companies and utilizing minimal plastics and materials to package and deliver your goods, the brand prioritizes using innovative methods to support and contribute to the beauty industry.

      Environmental friendly 

      Every single material the company uses for their products and packaging is eco-friendly. Their Performance Creme tube comprises upcycled sawdust, sugarcane, recyclable metal-free airless pump technology, and their box of hemp fibre and recycled paper. But it doesn’t stop there! They also ensure the use of sustainable shipping methods with green energy generated from natural, renewable resources.

      The founders 

      Two individuals founded the brand: Andre Condit and Olivia Falcon, both of whom have impressive backgrounds within the beauty industry. 

      Andre Condit has previously worked with makeup artists and aestheticians throughout his role as a brand and product educator, received an education in Advanced Cosmetic Studies at the Institute of Personal Care Science, and worked with an award-winning international research and development team. Therefore, with his high level of expertise and knowledge acquired over 30 years, Andre used this to his advantage to introduce something new and innovative to the skincare market: Spectacle Performance Creme. 

      “I wanted to create a formula that would stand on its own as a must-have product. My initial thought was: If I had only one skincare product for the rest of my life, what would I want it to deliver? All day hydration and moisture from skin identical ingredients reinforce the defensive barrier, powerful polyphenols to brighten and protect during environmental stress, and an intelligent amino acid complex to support collagen and elastin production.”

      Olivia Falcon has 13 years of experience working at a global, leading mass media company, Conde Nast, first at Vogue, followed by Tatler Magazine as a beauty director. With her many years of beauty experience, Olivia joined Andre to develop and introduce Spectacle Performance Creme. She also founded The Editor List, which provides expert advice to customers using top cosmetic practitioners, procedures and products.

      “I have been a beauty editor for 18 years, but once in a blue moon, you stumble upon a product that makes you sit up and know you have discovered something special. Spectacle Performance Crème had me at hello. My skin has never looked clearer or fresher through the stress of home-schooling children and working through the pandemic. I am excited to be working with Andre to bring the magic of Spectacle Skincare to the world.

      The product 

      Awarded as the ‘Best Moisturizer for Aging Skin’ and ‘Best Sustainable Packaging’ by the Marie Claire Skin Awards 2021, the Spectacle Performance Creme is a multi-functional moisturizer that benefits the skin throughout all seasons and occasions, targeting multiple skin concerns at once with its hydrating, antiaging and brightening properties. Its combined gel-cream consistency gives a lightweight, non-greasy finish on the skin, making it ideal for wearing even under SPF and makeup to keep the skin looking healthy and glowy. 

      The Ingredients

      The Spectacle Performance Creme contains an array of dermatologist-approved ingredients to help revive and restore the skin. 

      Brightening Ingredients 

      • Diglucosyl Gallic Acid - targets uneven skin tone with its depigmenting properties and relieves irritation 
      • Niacinamide - helps to lift discolouration and reduce signs of aging 
      • Ergothioneine - an antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage 

      Hydrating Ingredients

      • Ceramides - strengthen the skin barrier 
      • Hyaluronic Acid - delivers essential hydration to the skin
      • Glycoaminoglycans - provide hydration and enhance skin elasticity and firmness 

      Collagen boosters 

      • Copper peptide & amino acids - this combination of ingredients helps stimulate collagen, elastin and fibroblast production for younger-looking skin 
      • 0.1% encapsulated retinaldehyde - an easily tolerated retinoid that helps improve skin tone and texture without irritation