Introducing VIP Rewards

VIP Rewards - Steps to receiving points

We Reward Loyalty

We're always trying to find ways to reward our customers; occasionally we will do promotional offers but what if you could be rewarded each and every time you shop? Introducing VIP Rewards. Every time you shop with us, your account will automatically be given points based on how much you spend. At any time, you can turn those points into discounts on your purchase.





It’s a reward programme that allows customers to enjoy discounts on their purchases. For every £1 you spend on EF SKIN, your rewards card will receive 2 EF POINTS which can be converted into a discount of your next purchase.

How do I earn VIP REWARDS
There are two ways to earn VIP REWARDS. Firstly, by doing your normal shop and opting in to our programme you will automatically receive points. Secondly, by referring a friend to EF SKIN and once they make a purchase both of you will receive EF POINTS.

Who is eligible to VIP REWARDS
If you’re a resident of the UK, you are eligible for VIP REWARDS. Please note anyone found misusing our programme will be suspended.

I'm already registered to EF SKIN - do I need to create an account?
No. If you're an existing customer who has registered with us. You will automatically be added to the VIP Rewards programme.

How do I redeem VIP REWARDS
Click ‘VIP REWARDS’ button on the bottom left of every page. Make sure you’re logged in then simply proceed by clicking ‘Ways to Redeem’

How do I check my current points
Click ‘VIP REWARDS’ button on the bottom left of every page. At the top you will see ‘Your EF Points X” at the top of the bar.

How do I cancel my VIP REWARDS account
We’re sorry to hear you go… If you would like to leave the VIP REWARDS programme simply send us an email and we will proceed by deactivating your account. Please note all points accumulated will be lost. You may wish to create a new account at any time with us but your points will be reset to zero.

I need help with my VIP REWARDS account
Use our contact form to get through to us, we would love to assist you.

What happens if my order is cancelled or returned
Points will be deducted from your account from any returns or cancellations