Who Are Effusion?

Effusion was created by Esther Fieldgrass, founder of the multi award-winning cosmetic clinic chain EF Medispa, and industry veteran Gary Baulch, strategic director of internationally renowned skincare and cosmetics brands. The two combined their talents and expertise with the scientific community to create Effusion, a product range that stays true to its claims.


With over 40 years combined experience in EF MEDISPA clinics treating cellulite, fat pads and problems associated with congested skin, they bring to the market two game-changing products that challenge existing anti-cellulite regimens.

Effusion was born out of sheer frustration at the lack of products that could deliver what they promised. So they started working with a leading cosmeceutical laboratory to create products that really would make a difference.

Their challenge to them was to produce formulations that would reduce fat, contour, improve the appearance of the skin, and radically reduce cellulite.

And they achieved the goals by harnessing the most innovative emerging scientific ingredients combined with the best botanicals.

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