Introducing Alphascience HA Booster Serum – The Missing Link in Your Skincare Routine

Thanks to their unique approach to designer skincare products and high levels of clinical trial success, Alphascience is one of our most popular brands and for good reason too.

Whether you’re looking to slow down or prevent ageing, rejuvenate your skin or looking for the best products for your skincare routine, Alphascience has an array of unique and quality products which are exclusively available in the UK at EF Skin.

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that our partnership with Alphascience will be further strengthened with the exclusive launch of their new hydrating and antioxidative HA Booster Serum.

What Is HA Booster Serum?

HA Booster is a brand-new skincare serum for face application. A supercharged plumping moisture concentrate from the science-backed antioxidant skincare experts Alphascience available exclusively at EF Skin.

Alphascience HA Booster Serum

This brand-new hydrating serum will seamlessly complement the rest of the Alphascience range. Specifically formulated to hydrate and bring life to your skin, use HA Booster with antioxidants and anti-ageing serums and creams.

As with all the products in the Alphascience range, the active ingredients are unique and unrivalled amongst its alternatives.

What Are the Key Ingredients of HA Booster Serum?

HA Booster contains a plethora of unique and powerful active ingredients to help ensure your skin is kept youthful and well-hydrated.

The key ingredients encompass hyaluronic acid and silicium, an active duo which is crucial for the serums powerful results. This unique combination provides your skin with a strong hydration boost as silicium optimises the hydrating qualities of hyaluronic acid by acting as a ‘smart carrier’ - taking the moisture held in HA from the surface of the skin to the deeper epidermis.

Ha Booster Serum Ingredients

On top of these two key ingredients, HA Booster Serum also contains seaweed vegetal taurine. An exceptional element for boosting cellular energy that also offers powerful antioxidative and anti-pollutive protection, this will flawlessly regulate cell moisture too.

The final key ingredient of Alphasciences’ powerful HA Booster Serum is a biometric moisturising polymer. This component absorbs water for long-lasting hydration and also creates a natural barrier for the skin and helps protect against environmental damage.

How Will HA Booster Serum Help Me?

HA Booster Serum is the perfect skincare product to help prolong the effects of HA fillers as well as restoring hydration and restructuring after procedures such as laser, mesotherapy, skin peels and dermabrasion.

This unique and powerful skincare product works deeply within the skin to correct dry skin, fine lines and the signs of ageing.

Alphascience HA Booster Clinical Trial

In a clinical study on twenty volunteers, Alphascience found that using HA Booster for 28 days provided the user with a significant improvement of skin hydration.

How Do I Use HA Booster Serum?

Just like the rest of the Alphascience collection, HA Booster Serum is easy to employ. Simply apply in the morning and evening after you’ve applied your Alphascience antioxidant serum such as Phytic, Tannic or Alpha Bright.

What Can I Use HA Booster Serum with to Fight Skin Concerns?

Alphascience’s HA Booster can be combined with Alphascience’s other products to fight the major skin concerns.

What Can I Use HA Booster Serum with to Fight Skin Concerns?


To fight pigmentation caused by procedures such as exfoliation with AHA, laser, peeling or Cosmelan, simply use HA Booster serum after you’ve applied Alpha Bright Pigment Correcting Serum.

Very Dry Skin
If you’re suffering from dry skin, we recommend using Alphascience Tannic [CF] Anti-Aging Serum with Alphascience Ultra Deep Firm & Restore Cream in the morning. In the evening combine these two products but add the HA Booster serum to your routine too.

Oily Skin
For oily skin you should simply use Alphascience Phytic [TC] Rejuvenate & Glow Serum followed by HA Booster Serum, both morning and evening.

For wrinkles use Alphascience Lift & Correct Surface [CR] Cream and HA Booster Serum both morning and evening.

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