Introducing Medi Fit

Introduction EF SKIN & FeelNoo Partnership

EF SKIN is delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with Feelnoo Online Studio.
Esther Fieldgrass, founder of EF SKIN, is a firm believer of health and wellbeing however in these unprecedented times, it is proving more difficult than ever to maintain a healthy mind and body with many of us distanced away from loved ones and fitness opportunities. With this exclusive partnership, and with the help of Luke Gray, Founder of Feelnoo, we are able to offer for FREE 1 month subscription which includes 25 live classes a week to help you achieve all of your fitness goals, whenever and wherever it suits you!
By focusing on your wellness, you open yourself up to restore balance between your mind, body and soul.  Not only does exercise help your overall physical health, it is also beneficial for calming and relaxing your mind. It is particularly beneficial for most common Covid-related health concerns such as chronic pain, moodiness, depression, anxiousness or insomnia.

EF SKIN and Feelnoo would like to ease some of the above-mentioned concerns and restore some fun and activities at the comfort of your home. We hope you will benefit from the fun and engaging workouts so you can start your journey to a fitter and happier you. Feelnoo programmes have been designed for you to benefit no matter what your level of fitness. With 5 classes to choose from per day, you have the benefit of variety, from yoga and pilates, to cardio and muscle strength.

get 1 month free - feelnoo

How to get 1 month free with Feelnoo

With every purchase of our Medi Fit Collection, you will be sent a unique link to Feelnoo to get free access for 1 month of unlimited classes.
3 Steps To Receiving Free Trial at Feelnoo
Step 1) Buy any product from Medi Fit Collection on EF SKIN

Step 2) After your purchase within 12 hours you will receive a unique link to subscribe to Feelnoo.

Step 3) Simply fill out the form and get started on the very same day.


Medi Fit Collection 

Medi Fit Collection


The importance of exercise during a lockdown

The importance of exercise during a lockdown
Physical benefits
- Stronger immune system to fight viruses
- Better blood circulation: regenerates and repairs your body (yes including your skin)
- Stronger bones leads to less aches and pains with better balance
- Maintains healthy weight for your lungs to do less work
- Improved sleep – help restore your body, repair and maintain immune system and general health and wellbeing.

Mental benefits
- Cortisol release will occur allowing our body to naturally de-stress
- Building resilience which helps combat mental illnesses
- Reduction of mental fatigue
- Better state of mind means better sleep
- Evidently treats cases of anxiety and depression


get 1 month free - feelnoo

Disclaimer: This free gift only applies to UK residents only. All payments on EF SKIN are PCI level 1 compliant, which means it adheres to the highest standards of server compliance. We have the right to cancel a transaction or gift at any time during this promotion.

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