Suffering From Red, Irritated Or Rosacea-Prone Skin? Try These Top Tips!

Is your skin sensitive, and prone to rosacea and redness? If so, you may be wondering what you can do about it. Unfortunately, at the moment rosacea isn’t well understood however there are a number of steps you can take to alleviate your symptoms and to improve your skin appearance. Here is some expert advice to help point you in the right direction of how to care for your irritated and red skin.

Don’t Avoid Skincare Products

Many people suffering from rosacea are often worried about using any skincare products at all in case they harm their sensitive skin. However, skincare products are absolutely essential to protecting the health of your skin – the key lies in choosing the right products to suit your skin’s unique needs.

When your skin is prone to rosacea, cleaning and moisturising probably isn’t going to be enough. You’re also going to need to add other products into your skincare regime to decrease the inflammation, combat the damage caused by free-radicals and to boost the production of collagen.

It’s wise to use a high-quality cleanser which protects your skin barrier together with an antioxidant-rich anti-inflammatory lotion or serum and then a moisturiser which can repair the skin barrier and keep all mechanical and chemical irritants out. Finally, before leaving the house during the day, you should also always apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or above to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Be Aware Of Potential Irritants

Although using skincare products is just as important for those suffering from rosacea as anyone with normal skin, it’s best to keep your skincare regime simple. Always take the time to carefully read product labels to ensure that no harsh chemicals are in them.

You should particularly look for certain anti-inflammatory ingredients like liquorice extract, allantoin, resveratrol, green tea and niacinamide which can strength your skin barrier while reducing inflammation and redness. A moisturiser which contains ceramides is the best option of all.

Always Use Sunscreen

We’ve already mentioned using sunscreen, however it’s impossible to over-stress just how important this is for everyone, but especially for those with rosacea prone skin. Cumulative UV damage from the sun has a role to play in the development of rosacea, and sunscreens can prevent this condition from developing in those with a susceptibility to it.

What Are Your Triggers?

We are all different, and everyone suffering from rosacea has their own triggers which they need to identify. There are a few known triggers which are common to most sufferers. These include wind, heat, sun, alcohol, stress and exercise.

However, most patients also have sensitivities to certain foods such as dairy products, certain vegetables or specific fruits. When you’ve pinpointed your triggers, you can then take action to avoid them as much as you can. In general, eating a diet which is non-inflammatory and which contains lots of foods which contain antioxidants, good oils and fats will go a long way towards improving your skin health.

Follow these top tips, and you should find that your rosacea problem can be brought under control.  

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