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      Our collection of premium quality antioxidant skin care will help you defend your precious skin cells from damage caused by potentially harmful molecules known as free radicals. The accumulation of free radicals may lead to a state of oxidative stress, which can damage our DNA and other important structures in our cells.

      We have an array of options in our antioxidants free radicals skin care on offer here at EF Skin to help your skin looks it best. You’ll find antioxidant skin care for acne, antioxidant moisturiser and antioxidants for your face. Our antioxidant ingredients skin care range online provides the best for designer skincare with free shipping for orders over £100. As well as online, you can head into one of our clinics to shop each product in person if you would like further information and to sample antioxidants skin care benefits before you buy.

      How Do Antioxidants Work in Skin Care?

      Antioxidants and skin care are in many ways the perfect partnership, thanks to their ability to protect the skin and stop free radicals playing havoc. Everybody wants to have great skin and to follow a skin care regime that actually works. Using antioxidant ingredients skin care should be part of your routine. Free radicals, or reactive oxidative species (ROS), can cause damage to the skin cells, so antioxidants are naturally produced to fight them and defend from the damage they caused to protein and even DNA cells. However, your skin sometimes needs help in doing so, especially when you feel run down or stressed from the busy lives we lead.

      Antioxidant skin care will ensure that your skin doesn’t become overwhelmed by free radicals and work alongside your body’s natural defence. One of the biggest sources of free radicals to your skin comes from UV light, which is why it’s important to wear a sufficient sun cream to prevent the breakdown of natural antioxidants. Pollution is another environmental source of stress to our skin, reducing antioxidant levels. This is where EF Skin can help you address and boost your antioxidant levels with expertly created serums.

      Alphascience Collection

      The Alphascience antioxidant skin care collection has been developed to target many different aspects of your skin, such as anti-ageing and pigment correcting. Each serum in the range is a powerful defence to help your skin.

      Our Tannic serum contains ferulic acid and ginkgo biloba, both antioxidants that work to repair cells and DNA damage, as well as improve skin tissue irrigation. Together with L-ascorbic acid, vitamin C in its natural form, it prevents spot formation and enhances the radiance of the skin. Phytic rejuvenate and glow serum contains phytic acid which is an antioxidant that neutralises pollutants that regulates pigmentation. Its skin-healing properties can reduce the appearance of acne as well as tackle early signs of ageing.

      Shop our Antioxidant Ingredients Skin Care Range

      You’ll find the perfect solutions within our antioxidants free radicals skin care collection, which includes not just serums but also toner and creams. You can browse the full collection here or visit us at our London location to purchase. Antioxidants and skin care work together to boost your complexion and your skin confidence, leaving you ready to take on the world. Whichever concern you have with your skin, from wrinkles to acne and pigmentation, you’ll find the perfect antioxidant ingredients skin care product from us.

      For more from EF Skin, browse our categories from the menu and shop by your favourite brands. Please contact us for help with deciding on the right Antioxidant skin care product for your skin today if you need assistance.