ALPHABRIGHT serum by ALPHASCIENCE will spot correct and lighten dark spots - made for pigmented skin.
Before Pigmentation
After Pigmentation

Alphascience Alpha Bright Pigment Correcting Serum - 20 ml

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 ALPHA BRIGHT SERUM is the only product that will treat all the factors for skin pigmentation with its complete formula

  1. It is a potent and stable antioxidant complex to block the effect of free radicals (oxidative stress) induced by pollution, acne and cosmetic procedures such as laser, chemical peel. In addition, phytic acid has a direct effect by neutralizing the pollutants.

  2. Acetyl glycyl ß-alanine is a potent spot corrector and brightening peptide. Acetyl glycyl ß-alanine, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and phytic acid have a direct action on the melanocyte and regulate its activity. 

  3. Vitamin C and phytic acid control iron levels in the skin.

  4. Acetyl glycyl β-alanine and L-ascorbic acid limit melanin transfer by weakening dendrite and causing phagocytosis of cells.

  5. L-ascorbic acid and phytic acid allow the elimination of dead cells.
          Actions on 4 stages of pigmentation

          The activity of ALPHA BRIGHT serum on oxidative stress makes it the best treatment to be used after the aesthetic procedure to avoid the pigmentary rebound, that is why the doctors recommend it to be used on a daily basis after all pigmentation procedures.

          Clinical results

          (Clinical trial of ALPHA BRIGHT SERUM versus Hydroquinone 2% on hyperpigmentation with 40 patients in 6 months)


          An average decrease of 28% was observed in melasma and 41% decrease in post-inflammatory pigmentation. One patient achieved a decrease in pigmentation up to 71% on melasma.

          Melasma reduction
          Post acne pigmentation


          Banish unwanted spots and flush out free radicals with this intensive spot correcting concentrate from Alphascience. The powerful combination of Vitamin C, Ascorbic acid and Phytic acid work to even out your complexion, reducing the appearance of brown spots and blemishes while ensuring smoother, more radiant and firmer skin.

           Why add the Alpha Bright Serum to your beauty cabinet?

          • Reduces brown spots caused by environmental factors and hormonal changes
          • Treats post-inflammatory and post-acne spots
          • Neutralises pollutants and free radicals to even out skin complexion
          • Suitable for all skin types including oily skin

          ALPHA BRIGHT IS MADE IN FRANCE. EF SKIN is the only official distributor in the UK for ALPHASCIENCE products.



          Scientist Alfred Marchal
          He is author of many scientific papers and patents in particular on vitamin C, vitamin K and hyaluronic acid. 
          He is now board member in pharmaceutical companies and speaker at aesthetic congresses such as IMCAS Paris, AMWC Monaco, Face Cannes and expert in aesthetic medical universities.