Cosmedix Rescue
Cosmedix Rescue with Cherry Extract Balm & Mask - 50g

Cosmedix Rescue with Cherry Extract Balm & Mask - 50g

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A popular and best-selling CosMedix product, the moisture-locking Rescue Balm and Mask is what you need to revive your skin. 

This 2 in 1 balm and mask is the perfect solution for treating severely dry, cracked or chapped skin. Its soothing ingredients as well as antioxidants and Vitamin C work together to calm and nourish sensitive skin, further reducing any redness and giving you a glowing complexion.

Can use as an overnight moisturising mask or as spot treatment on face and body for severely dry areas.

Key Benefits

  • Non-greasy 
  • Long-lasting hydration to protect skin's natural moisture barrier
  • Treats redness and dry skin 
  • Protection from environmental stressors 
Active ingredients:
  • Shea Butter
  • D-Panthenol
  • Cherry Extracts
  • Willowherb Extract