Alphascience Duo Tannic [CF] Serum 30ml + Surface [CR] 30ml


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Alphascience Duo Tannic [CF] Serum 30ml + Surface [CR] 30ml

The perfect combination for smoother and younger skin.

Suitable all skin types

TANNIC [CF] SERUM Wrinkle reducing and firming antioxidant. The most advanced antioxidant combination of Vitamin C in high concentration with repair active ingredients to prevent and correct signs of ageing. It holds L-ascorbic acid, tannic acid, freulic acid and ginkgo bilboa all in one bottle. 

SURFACE [CR] combines the most powerful natural ingredients in an optimal high-performance formula for:  

1) Immediate Age Killing Effect smooths small expression lines in 2 hours after treatment with the "botox"-like patented tripeptide.

2) Long-term Lift Effect on wrinkles and firmness with the combination of pure genistein, hyaluronic acid and the L-glutamine, an Alphascience exclusive ingredient. 

Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free products enriched with natural ingredients. 

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