Mesoestetic Depigmentation Skin Preparation Kit

Mesoestetic Depigmentation Skin Preparation Kit

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Commence your treatment programme at home with the following essential Hero Products to cleanse, treat, repair and protect. These products are designed to prepare your skin prior to your treatment.

Why should I use this pack?

  • It will optimise your results
  • It will ensure even penetration
  • It will reduce the risk of adverse reaction or PIHP
  • It will encourage cell turnover
  • It will start to treat the problem
  • It introduces the skin to quality result-lead ingredients

Brightening Foam: Creamy cleansing foam with AHA’s. Renewer, rebalancing and anti-pollution. Normal and combination skin.

Renewer & Brightening with  glycolic acid and lactic acid at a low concentration allows for improving skin texture, quality and brightness.


Melan Tran3x: Depigmenting cream for daily use that acts gradually on epidermal dark spots to give a more uniform skin tone. Inhibits the mechanisms responsible for pigmentation to prevent the appearance of dark spots and stop them from reappearing.


Age Element Brightening Concentrate: Concentrated serum with a brightening action; it unifies the skin tone by reducing melanin accumulation. Its intensive antioxidant action blocks premature aging, softening the expression lines and revitalizing the skin.


Light Water Anti-Aging Veil SPF50+: Very high sun protection for normal and combination and dry skins. Combines physical and chemical UVA, UVB filters with biological HEV + IR filters. Antiaging Action