trio set includes extra sensitive nourishing hand and foot balm

TRIO Nourishing Hand & Foot Balm

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Nourish Foot Balm is a refreshing and luxurious foot balm to cool, refresh and moisturise dry and cracked feet.  Includes a blend of 8 natural ingredients including coca and coconut butter, and orange essential oil and spearmint for  an uplifting fragrance.

Nourish Hand Balm is a  fragrant and luxurious deep hand treatment. A concentrated blend of  natural moisturising ingredients including cocoa and coconut butter. Neroli, frankincense and orange essential oils help to nourish and revive sore, dry and chapped skin. Suitable for Vegetarians, contains beeswax.


Nourishing Foot Balm

About Extra Sensitive

Created to be 100% natural yet a versatile product range that can be put to many uses to help combat the aggressive effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on the skin, the core values of this collection are:

· Fragrance Free - cancer patients are very sensitive to smell and it is impossible to predict who will be averse to which smells.
· Suitable for ‘chemo skin’ -Skin becomes dry, sore, sensitive, itchy and flaking, and nails can split, break or drop off. The Extra Sensitive collection was designed to combat these issues.
· No Water in the balms and oils, as water is a potential carrier of bacteria.
· No Antioxidants and No Essential Oils, as theoretically this could impact cancer treatment.
· No BPA an endocrine disruptor that can leach from the plastic cosmetics containers.
· Few ingredients - it is difficult to identify the exact ingredients that may cause a reaction. The fewer ingredients minimise the chance of a reaction.

About Trio Therapeutic Skincare

TRIO Therapeutic Skincare was created specifically for those who want a completely natural yet premium, luxurious range of beauty products completely free from all chemicals, oestrogens, and parabens.

These indulgent specialist skincare products are perfect for dry, sore, itchy, flaky, and extra sensitive skin. 

The products in the collection are 100% natural and use carefully selected organic ingredients

Made in UK